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Are you prepared for the October 1st change to the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) system? Do you still have lots of questions? In this FREE downloadable white paper you will learn about the RUG-IV to PDPM transition and how nutrition services staff have increased visibility in their role of providing resident care and obtaining reimbursement for the services they provide.

The PDPM experts at Dietary Solutions want to help you navigate this system and have you feeling confident about your compliance with the changes.

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For a more in depth look at this process, please check out our personalized PDPM consulting options and downloadable Resource Kit: Maximizing Nutrition Reimbursement Under PDPM 

Dietary Solutions
Beth K.
Vice President of Clinical Services

Testimonial – Beth – General

Dietary Solutions has provided our facilities with consultant dietitians for over 8 years.  Their expertise, professionalism, and ability to effectively communicate have made them invaluable partners and great team members.

Dietary Solutions
Lori O.

Testimonial – Lori – Survey Management

Our Dietary Solutions consultant dietitian was fantastic during our annual survey. Her documentation was precise and she spoke to the surveyors with ease. Certainly made the survey process much easier!

Dietary Solutions
Ashley G.
Director of Nursing

Testimonial – Ashley – Permanent Dietitian Services

Our Dietary Solutions Consultant is doing an amazing job. He has been great with communication and fits in very well with our team. He is doing amazing.

Dietary Solutions
Cathy J.
Director of Nutrition Services

Testimonial – Cathy – Interim Dietitian Services

Dietary Solutions seamlessly provides us with interim dietitian coverage whenever we have a need. I never have to worry!

Dietary Solutions
Doreen B.
Director of Nursing

Testimonial – Doreen – Pre-survey

Dietary Solutions completed both a clinical and food service audit for our facility prior to an annual survey. Their findings certainly helped us improve our systems, documentation and overall resident satisfaction.

Dietary Solutions
Luke C.

Testimonial – Luke – In-survey

With one phone call, Dietary Solutions was at our facility within hours to help us during our annual survey. Their survey support was so beneficial; we now use all of their services, including a consultant dietitian and their Policy and Procedure Manual and menus!

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